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The last frame…

I LOVE the challenge of a newborn session! They’ve just arrived and already they have their own plans. Sometimes they are hungry before we think they should be ready to eat so we take a break and "top them up". Sometimes they fuss cause they find the air breezy, so we pile them with blankets […]

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Joelle’s Event

I had the ENORMOUS pleasure of spending the day at Joelle’s boutique on Saturday. It was so much fun! Had the chance to capture some beautiful new faces and shared the day with my good friend, jewellery designer ‘Jenn Fenton’. If you’re looking for a new spring accessory, stop by Joelle’s. She’s got Jenn’s new […]

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Perfectly Sweet

This happy face belongs to 5-day-old baby M. It’s no wonder her parents are so over-the-moon about her. Isn’t she just beautiful? Baby M, I can’t wait to watch you grow.

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BIGGER, better, best…

You’re right, bigger isn’t always better… When we’re going through your session gallery, there will be some images that I think require a quieter context and I might recommend ordering a desk print. But, usually, there is one shot that is begging to be larger than life. You might consider a canvas gallery wrap. A […]

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Something about toes…

Alright, I know, I have a thing for feet! I just can't resist the opportunity to photograph teeny little tootsies! And hey, sometimes you've gotta get creative to show that brother/sister dynamic in a picture! Here's a peek at my most recent toe-close-up. Lovely to meet you A family! I hope these toes reveal the […]

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E M A I L   S I G N - U P