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Signature Keepsake Albums

Signature Keepsake Albums – the ideal opportunity for my two creative passions to collide – boutique graphic designer meets photographer. I wish I could capture the essence of these books in a photo so you could really "get them", but you really do have to hold one to see how beautifully manufactured they are. They […]

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“Lammy doesn’t work, he takes pictures…”

My four-year-old regularly chats about "Lammy"… his stuffed sheep that has gone to bed with him since he was born. Often we hear random comments, associating our life with Lammy's imaginative one… "Lammy does that!" or "Lammy likes that!" or "Lammy says…!"  Recently, while walking with his Daddy to the CN tower for a day-trip, […]

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Family Wedding

Taking a little detour from our regular programming here on my blog… just can't help showing off my handsome brother and his beautiful new bride. The full story was captured by Stephen Sager and we can't wait to see his point of view. For now, here's mine… The BEE-YOU-TEE-OUS bride-to-be: My little bro, "the groom": […]

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ah hem… may I suggest?

Get this girl to an agency! She photographs beautifully… and has the personality to match. When I saw that curly top bouncing in the door, I knew I'd be in for a treat. Thanks for coming to see me Miss J. And please don't forget about us "little people" when you make it to the […]

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Nine pounds small

I love to give "context" to my newborn subjects. I like to pop babies into bowls or onto shelves … usually personally items that I find on location, so that down the road, Mommy and Daddy can sit back and reflect on how crazy it is that their little boy EVER fit in there. Welcome […]

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E M A I L   S I G N - U P