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My heart just left for New York!

Baby “I” stopped in today on his way through from visiting relatives in Michigan. He was such a treat. Time went by too fast! Before I knew it, I was in love… and then he was out the door again and on his way back home in New York. Bye bye baby blue eyes.

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Toronto Skyline

On Friday night my husband and a few friends enjoyed (survived 😉 an evening of sailing at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club. Thank you to our wonderful hosts who braved the high seas with us amateurs as their crew! It was a “fun race” and it’s a good thing it wasn’t serious racing because we […]

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On the nursery wall

Here’s an unconventional twist on a big brother/little sister nursery display. These are the subjects of my spunkiest newborn session yet. Meet big brother Toby (a Miniature Italian Greyhound) welcoming his little sister Miss A. He’s not exactly a breed who sits calmly and lets you nestle a newborn close for posing! But you can’t […]

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This morning I looked outside and wondered if our 8:30 start was going to be a rainy one. I even drove through a patch of rain on my way to the beach. Upon arrival, I met these 4 little kiddos with enough spirit to blow the rain clouds away. And so they did. It turned […]

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Something to hold on to

To be held and to hold… such a gift… hope these shots help you to remember.

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