Monthly Archives: December 2008

The Night Before Christmas

One last session to sneak in before Christmas… Just 7 days old. A gift to his family. Born into all the celebration that this time of year brings, surrounded by gingerbread houses and a fresh cut tree. He's entirely unaware of the holiday spirit moving around him. But the warmth of family, he can feel. […]

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I have vivid memories of snow-days from my childhood. Playing for hours with my brother, riding his SuperGT down the ravine trail behind our house, our moist breath turning to ice on our knitted scarves. I remember the hot chocolate my Mom poured into personified mugs that had a face and little plastic feet. I […]

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Oh.K. family

More Florida…… the enthusiastic K family. Full of life. Energy. Togetherness. When we met for their session, they had just been to a game and had temporary tatoos stuck to their faces… a little rubbing alcohol saved the day, but for a second, we thought they weren't coming off. And I love that Mom wasn't […]

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warm me up florida!

Just came in from outside with that "frozen to the bone – need to sit on my hands" kind of chill. So, as I thaw, I'm channeling Florida… posting another couple of session highlights on location in Florida. Maybe it'll warm me up faster… or just make me crave my next visit south. Warm me […]

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