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early smiling

Baby smiles are such a treat. When photographing newborns, I often sit over them while they sleep, hoping that I'll catch that brief smiling flinch. Sometimes my patience pays off. But yesterday I got really lucky, when photographing this sweet 4-week-old. I think someone told me that usually babies start their real "i'm-not-just-smiling-because-i-filled-my-pants-smiles" at around […]

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‘Best Photographer’ in Burlington nomination

…thank you! To those of you who nominated me as Best Photographer for the Burlington Post Reader’s Choice awards, I am so honoured & grateful. I am fortunate to absolutely LOVE what I do – knowing your families, capturing your lives, being a part of your story. YOUR CHILDREN really make the images! Here’s a […]

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The best kind of change

It's a New Year, and with it's arrival, many of us can expect to face some degree of change. A new job position, moving homes, a renovation, a new arrival, falling in love. The H family has taken each one of these changes in stride. With a spunky "almost-two-year-old" setting the pace, life has certainly […]

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For an artist

T is one of the most talented artists I know. And I'm not just saying that. It's a seriously big deal! I would eat his dust in Photoshop and if he could have stepped outside himself, I bet he could paint a family portrait and it would be so detailed and realistic, you would think […]

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in photos, i like.

I'm a sucker for a long window gaze… I usually like these in black & white but this one kept its colour. She's such a warm contrast against the cold landscape outside. I also love emotion, and I'm challenged to find ways to show it without eye contact or teeth. And personality… where some might […]

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