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Wishers [ amy montgomery :: children’s photographer ]

If I'm comin' over to your house and you want "set the stage" for our session together, don't bother mowing… let the dandylions grow in and go to seed … sport a slightly vintage bob (a la Suri Cruise or Dora :)  … and have me at dinner time when the sun is low. We'll […]

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1 + twins [ amy montgomery :: newborn photographer ]

During an ordering session last fall (pre-Christmas family photos with my client's first born) I was let in on some exciting family news … twins were on the way! I've been looking forward to this newborn session ever since. I couldn't wait to meet baby K & A and at only 5 days old, the […]

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Newborn Twins [ amy montgomery :: newborn photographer ]

It was the highlight of my week… photographing these two newborn sweet peas. 10 days old and born one minute apart, they've kept their parents busy (and two grandmas!With twice the love and such sweetness, I could have taken pictures of the twins all day. Both so sleepy, cuddled up in their own skin; a […]

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Neighbourhood friends [ amy montgomery :: children’s photographer ]

When we moved to a new neighbourhood about a year and a half ago, I was anxious about the social adjustment of finding our place. I'd go for walks with the kids, searching the neighbourhood for friends for them… and for me too. I think E & her girls was the first "playdate-in-the-making" that I […]

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Good Conversation [ amy montgomery :: children’s photographer ]

When I first shook hands with 6-year-old "T", I was struck by his handsome eyes and dancing smile. In fact, I think the first 10 minutes of shooting were spent trying to tease him into showing me a straight face! Not that I don't love a good smile (and there will be plenty of those […]

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