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the knob, the nap, the reset

Sometimes, even when you’re almost three, you get so tired that you can’t pull it together. (insert sarcastic tone here:) Life is rough; Your diaper feels a little wetter than it should be. You’ve spent an hour on a Saturday in the grocery store. Lunch is later than usual. The earth must be slightly off […]

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Even in your undies…

If only this kind of confident spirit would last… sitting around in pink underwear without a care… laughing so hard you’re drooling… knowing that even with a wet chin, you’re the cutest thing ever… being totally yourself. I wish I could bottle some of that up and sell it… or at least keep a good […]

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A little about me

The feedback I get on this blog is so appreciated and many of you have taken the time to tell me how much you enjoy reading the touchy-feely blurbs I relay here. I am so lucky to get to work with such amazing little people, and I’m glad that you get a sense of how […]

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A couple years back, I had the opportunity to work with these boys for the first time. I remember it being busy – GOOD busy … jumping on beds in Small Paul pajamas, a chase through a ravine, dragging plastic snakes, boys being boys… all the while, there I was, trying to seem relaxed and […]

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Happy accident

This sweet bit of happiness landed in front of my lens last week, sort of on accident. Lucky me! Can you even believe how cute she is? Her eyes dancing, her feet casually kicked up behind, her little chin tipped just ever so slightly as if she already knows her “best angles” 😉 Get this […]

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