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In these first days of sisterhood, long before secrets are whispered or clothing is shared, there exists a connection so deep… revealed in the contentment of just being together. Thank you for letting me breathe in your loveliness … I smell like new baby today.

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Q&A – Do you have a studio location?

I’ve decided to add a new post category called Q&A where I’ll be answering questions from both clients and other photographers. If you’ve got a question, feel free to ask! I’ll either respond by email, or post your question here so others can benefit from the answer. Q :: Do you have a studio location? […]

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Stella & Sam

My daughter (a preschooler) has a favorite box of miniature books that she likes to pull from when we sit together in the upholstered green rocker before bed … the Stella books by Marie-Louise Gay. In “Stella, Queen of the Snow”, (I’m going to quote Amazon …) Stella and her little brother Sam “venture out […]

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Rockin’ a Kenora Dinner Jacket

When “A” called and said she’d like to come out from Toronto to have her bump-pics done here in Burlington, I was happy to accommodate her… but admittedly, I was also a little nervous when she stated that she was 38-weeks pregnant and had kind of left this all a little late. (Bump pics for […]

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Teeny Tiny Toes

I was once given a so-called compliment by a male friend; “Amy, I think your feet are probably your best feature!” My interpretation of this compliment was that from where he was sitting, the rest of me was at least slightly less attractive than my feet. So, whatever makes feet particularly attractive, I hoped that […]

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E M A I L   S I G N - U P