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Oakville Lighthouse

I haven’t spent much time at the Oakville harbour in a while. I’ve missed it. I used to work downtown Oakville as a graphic designer with The Riordon Design Group (Love those guys!!) and shooting there last week felt like home. I’m so glad these three came out from Markham to meet me there. The […]

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a boy and his car

This summer, I’ve had quite a few land and water vehicles sneaking into photo sessions. I have to admit, I’ve never really been into cars. (I only care about the colour of the vehicle I drive!) But when a limited edition Dodge Challenger rounded the corner, even I knew it was special.

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Their magic

Near the end of our session, K said to me “All you need is ONE good one, right!?” I took this to mean that she shared the perspective of many of my clients, wishing to isolate a single magical moment that will translate into a timeless art piece for her wall. And so, while her […]

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Sometimes as I’m working with children, I’m hit with a self-imposed pressure to produce a picture of a child smiling wildly. I do everything I can think of to make this happen. I do a monkey-dance. I put strange objects on my head. I tell jokes, act ridiculously and generally lose any last ounce of […]

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Black & White

A few black & whites just to show that I haven’t abandoned it. There’s been a lot of colour around here lately but black & white can be just as vibrant. I love how naturally children can let go and be in the moment!

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