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the best 5 minutes of my life

A speaker at church invited the audience to reflect on what they’d consider to be the best, the happiest, most meaningful, most emotionally vivid five minutes of their life. For me, those minutes would have to be the ones that followed the birth of my children… while I first held them…. so proud to be […]

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indoor icicles

I think it was -25 degrees outside yesterday (correct me if I’m wrong on that!) … thankfully, I was toasty warm shooting indoors at a clients home. Ontario winters can be long and a little dreary at times and the cold often makes outdoor sessions less appealing. Window light can be dim, so I try […]

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eyes dancing

hee hee… couldn’t believe my luck when she flashed me this cute expression. Makes me giggle when I look at it. Only ten days old and her eyes are already twinkling…the most expressive I’ve seen in a newborn. And can you believe all her hair?

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When Baby V came to see me on the morning of her fourth day, I was expecting a super sleepy-head! But she had a different plan for the morning. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul,… I hope that this glimpse speaks volumes. Chérie, tu es belle.

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youngest of four

It’s not unusual for the youngest to steal the show. I’m a sucker for the little guys.

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