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authentic connection

I had given them only a tiny bit of direction, helping Mom balance her newborn and 20-month-old where the light fell nicely on all of them. I gave them space to be themselves, to snuggle and relax and hang out as three. Then, through their connection, came a burst of joy that was far more […]

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The dreaminess of childhood observation always impresses me. He’s found something near. She’s gazing far. So much implied meaning in this one. Wishing these two a lifetime of discovery together!

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Singing. Dancing. Crafting. Hiding. Finding. Reading. Swinging. Pretending. Sharing. Snuggling. Nurturing. Talking. Smiling… Raise your cupcake to “being four” and to all things pink.

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two girls and a bump

You’ve been so patient! Hope it was worth the wait…. here it is: The first picture of all three beautiful girls together. I love being part of the “firsts”. Thank you for inviting me to be part of yours!

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E M A I L   S I G N - U P