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Plan B

The beginning of this spring/summer season has been a little rough from a weather perspective. We’ve had our fair share of rain-outs this year! When this family hired me a little while back, they had a warm, beach session in mind. So when the day was damp and cloudy, they might have been a bit […]

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she lights up

“She lights up when she’s with you,” I commented mid-session. Totally in awe of this relationship/friendship/family. Enjoyed every minute. Here’s a glimpse:  

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portraits with daddy

I figured it’s only appropriate that we show off a little daddy-love. Two boys and their daddy (and his Blundstone boots).Don’t worry K, we got lots of Mommy-shots too! But I thought these photos of your three boys would make you smile this Father’s Day week. Enjoy!

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Body language

They say that “the eyes are the window to the soul”. With this in mind, I think that a simple image of two children, standing still and staring straight into my lens, is most definitely a successful portrait. Many would choose it as their ultimate favorite, frame it up for a large wall display and […]

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Soak it all in

I know what it’s like to have an inquisitive preschooler. And apparently, my kids come by it honestly. My mom says that I used to ask “why?” all the time. But isn’t that typical of preschoolers? At some point, about some random subject, they start soaking it all in … everything there is to know […]

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E M A I L   S I G N - U P