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two hugs

It’s a pretty good gig when you get to meet a beautiful family at a park on a day like this, when the sun is still low in the sky which is dappled with enough clouds to diffuse the light just perfectly, and the leaves are softly falling with a hint of turning colour. It […]

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This little beauty is so much like my own 4-year-old. She likes all things pink and sparkly, has a fashion sense all her own, sometimes forgets to use her words, absolutely ADORES her big brother, still enjoys being carried at times, makes her family laugh and is motivated by the promise of a cupcake aprés-session! […]

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Pickles and Jellybeans

“Pickles and jellybeans”, she said after she stepped out the door and tripped over her backpack. She tells me that those are the words you use when something hurts a bit. I laugh and relax, relieved by the reminder that my baby girl isn’t entirely grown up today. She’s off to JK and soooo ready […]

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the in-between stuff

I usually have something specific in mind to accomplish in pictures … creatively, emotively, even physically. With a busy group of boys, I often make my mission to watch their playful interactions with each other and the world around them. That doesn’t mean I don’t give them direction and structure… every Grandma wants a shot […]

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5-day-old Baby S is as perfectly handsome as can be. We huddled close to the window since the day was dim and rainy, soaking up all the light we could get. Between shots, I chatted with Mom & Dad and made connections with mutual friendships. (small world!) Though I’m sure this new addition is at […]

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E M A I L   S I G N - U P