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What is their perfect family photo…

Tis the season for family photos. Every few years, we all need a good one… to give to the Grandparents, to put on the Christmas card, to record for future generations that every once in a while we were all in the same place at the same time. Whether you’ve had a session with me […]

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Early Christmas Gift

This little guy surprised everyone by showing up several weeks early. I LOVE a good surprise. And this guy is just about as great as any surprise could be! While his mommy was cuddling him by the window I asked, “Are you going to smile for me Mister?” And just when his mommy started to […]

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Step into the light

When someone hires me, I hope they expect our session won’t be entirely a free-for-all. I like to do a bit of directing… asking kids to do this or that. But with active little ones, we have to keep things light and loose. Sometimes we take breaks and just let them run or try to […]

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Whoa! This mama has waited patiently to see some hint of imagery from me! Thank you K for hanging in there! Our family has been under the weather and it’s set me back a bit. So, without further ado, mumbo-jumbo or mushy story-telling, I’d like to show you the image that is quite possibly my […]

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