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Merry Christmas 2013 :: burlington family photographer

Gonna keep this one short and sweet because I want to get back downstairs with my favorite people and grab a handful of Bits & Bites (homemade by my friend Bethany… thank you!) It feels like Christmas can officially start now… braved the lines at Costco with the kids to get the turkey, Mexican Wedding […]

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LOVE IN ACTION :: burlington children’s photographer

Christmas is a week today. I just finished pulling gifts out of the closet to double check that I haven’t missed anyone and I’m about to run out the door to hit Canadian Tire in search of a sled for under the tree. I’ve got a whole bunch of gifts to wrap and a to-do-list […]

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yay fall! :: burlington ontario family photographer

Upon walking in the door, I was greeted by a 4-year-old hug. She’d coloured me a picture and had her turtle stuffy ready to show me. I just love when I’ve known kiddos for a while and they get just comfortable enough to look forward to these get-togethers, but not so comfortable that I’m old […]

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treehouse :: burlington family photographer

What’s better than a beautiful treehouse in a tree?… a beautiful FAMILY in that tree! I love these pictures because they are so uniquely THEIRS. Years from now when that treehouse is worn and rarely used, the pictures will bring back memories of countless hours spent playing in the dappled afternoon light. According to Wiki, […]

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Togetherness :: burlington ontario family photographer

What makes a good family photo? TOGETHERNESS. I’m pretty sure I’ve used that word a few other times on this blog and actually, I’m not even sure it IS a word. (But the little red spell-checker line isn’t popping up as I write this so I guess I’m in the clear!) For me, a family […]

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