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summer :: muskoka cottage sessions

What a summer! Beautiful weather, beautiful places, beautiful smiles!

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black and white :: oakville children’s photographer

It’s that time of year when colour is on our minds for photographs… pretty scenes of orange, red and yellow with pops of citrus green still holding onto summer. But even though that’s what we have our sights set on at the start on our fall sessions, sometimes we still end up falling in love […]

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when they slow down :: oakville children’s photographer

Children can be busy, that’s for sure. But when they slow down, even for a second, we can see their little hearts beating. That’s why I like photos… they help us to notice what’s been there the whole time. 

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bowtie :: burlington children’s photographer

Oh boy! Last Saturday started off a little crazier than usual! My car came to a SCREEEECHing halt on the side of the road as I drove to get my babysitter… thankfully my session was SO close to home and my clients were super gracious when I appeared on foot with phone to my ear, […]

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drizzle-shmizzle :: oakville family photographer

I was literally in the car and on my way when the little raindrops started. The morning had started out looking “questionable” but when I didn’t receive a concerned call from my clients, I figured maybe it was looking ok over Oakville way. When I arrived and found the misty drizzle had started there too, […]

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