Enough smiling for a lifetime!

Sweet Baby G is only 6 months old and he is already shining! He certainly knows how to brighten up a room. Doesn't he just make you melt?

R&B, thanks for having me. Your home is lovely – all the work you've put into it really shows! You should be so proud. But even prouder of this little guy… so handsome!

Here's a peek at a few. Pass it along so your family can see, and please leave me a comment if you visit! I'd love to know you stopped by.





Aunt Amanda Wow, what great shots. He certainly is a star! I think I’ve said that from the first day I met him!:) Aunt Amanda

Stephen Ward Wow. Check him out. Can I borrow him when you visit?
Uncle Steve

Amy Montgomery Let’s be honest here guys, your son is already a star! He’s BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing him with me.

Becky Ward Amy you have captured the essence of my son perfectly and the reason why my heart melts every morning and every day when he smiles at me. To me, his eyes speak volumes and now with your photos others can see that joy too! Thanks so much for spending your time with us, we had a great time catching up and sharing stories and we can’t wait to see the other photos you have in store for us.
Yours sincerely,
p.s Thanks for the carrot tip! I think we are going to need the teething tips soon :>

Chrisitne Birch What a honey! Those eyes! So Sweet. Great job Amy – I’m sure they will cherish those pics!

Ben Ward Absolutely AMAZING shots Amy. There is no way that I would have envisioned the photos turning out the way that they did. You turned our little guy into a star!

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