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Christmas is a week today. I just finished pulling gifts out of the closet to double check that I haven’t missed anyone and I’m about to run out the door to hit Canadian Tire in search of a sled for under the tree. I’ve got a whole bunch of gifts to wrap and a to-do-list that doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter.  The hustle and bustle of the season… it’s a real thing! But I’m trying very hard not to get swallowed up by it! I’m doing my best to set aside some serious family time, even before the big day hits. One of my facebook friends posted a quote that read “Presence over Presents.” I do believe that is entirely true. We can love our kids through the presents we give but also in the way we live. Taking the time to sit down and actually play a game with them or draw a picture or trying hard to listen to their endless babble about technology we don’t understand (ahem: Minecraft?? Anybody with me?)… Giving of our time is so important! Now writing this down as a blog post isn’t intended to sound preachy… I’ve written it here for my own good too… you, dear reader, are a sort of accountability for my good intentions:)I’m not suggesting that we do away with presents or avoid the shopping malls, I’m just proposing an attempt at balance. I’m adding to my to-do list a few things that my whole family can participate in… together… putting LOVE INTO ACTION both inside and outside our family. (Some of you are doing “Kindness Elves” or Random Acts with your family and have been working away at this idea all month long… care to share your ideas?) Love came down at Christmas in the form of a baby boy so many years ago… I’d just like to make sure that all that love doesn’t get lost in a heap of wrap and bows.

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