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    UPDATE: I’m spending most of my creative time in front of an easel painting, so I won’t be scheduling much for photo work over the next little while. If you google “Burlington Family Photographer”, you'll find so many amazing local photographers for your consideration.


    I am a children's photographer based in Burlington, Ontario. The pages of this site are designed to celebrate the people I meet and photograph. As I leap into their lives for the duration of a session, I'm impacted by their version of "family"... and I bring that home to mine ~ I have two children; both growing up much faster than I'd like... and an extremely supportive husband; he's a fantastic Daddy too!


old friends :: ancaster newborn baby photographer

This was the most special session I’ve had in a while. 8 years ago (i think?) I was Mommy and Daddy’s wedding photographer (the famous wedding-party-on-the-school-bus-wedding!) and over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to watch big brother grow and capture him at various stages (what a fun kid!) And now, they’ve added a new baby girl to the family! What a treat to visit their beautifully decorated home and go back in time through the various photos hung on the walls. I forgot about some of my favorites… one baby bum shot in particular lol! Big brother was featured in The Toronto Star with his cake smash photos (see that post here) back in 2011. Goodness time flies! Now he’s a handsome and caring young boy… totally over the moon about his new little sister. Thank you so much to the P-M family for inviting me to capture life’s highlights. Your highlights have truly become some of mine! xo

black and white :: oakville children’s photographer

It’s that time of year when colour is on our minds for photographs… pretty scenes of orange, red and yellow with pops of citrus green still holding onto summer. But even though that’s what we have our sights set on at the start on our fall sessions, sometimes we still end up falling in love with the simplicity of black and white. To quote Ansel Adams, “…one sees differently with color photography than black-and-white…” Certainly a good black and white has the ability to pull at our heartstrings in a special way. I think maybe because it strips away any distracting elements and leaves us with the simplicity of texture and expression, which to me, is the perfect recipe for an emotional photograph. And then there’s the practical side of me, that feels relieved to hang a black and white image in pretty much any room without worrying about matching my decor!:)PS – lots of colour still to be seen from this session M&S!

when they slow down :: oakville children’s photographer

Children can be busy, that’s for sure. But when they slow down, even for a second, we can see their little hearts beating. That’s why I like photos… they help us to notice what’s been there the whole time. 

genuine :: georgetown family photographer

There’s one kind of family photo that I really aim to get… and when a client arrives with that same ideal in mind, I know we are set! She wasn’t interested in a super-posed family shot with every piece of hair in place and smiles pasted on. She preferred a reflection of their family with honest expressions in a loose arrangement. And so we ended up with a shot that captures everyone pretty genuinely I think… Big sister’s sparkly enthusiasm, the littlest’s tonsil-showing energy, brother’s relaxed-but-not-restrained grin… Daddy happily adoring and Mommy so beautifully thrilled to have her family doing this for her…  I think we got it!

bowtie :: burlington children’s photographer

Oh boy! Last Saturday started off a little crazier than usual! My car came to a SCREEEECHing halt on the side of the road as I drove to get my babysitter… thankfully my session was SO close to home and my clients were super gracious when I appeared on foot with phone to my ear, talking to the towing company. With car issues taken care of, we moved ahead to start shooting but even before we snapped the first shot, a certain bowtie went entirely missing. This launched three grown adults into a frantic bowtie search because this Snugglebugz bowtie was pretty much the cutest boy accessory one could find for a little boy and we HAD to have it! Thank goodness big sister came to the rescue because only she was smart enough to check the wagon and in doing so, saved the day! Goodness knows, our session wasn’t without a few changes in emotion here and there. I’m sharing this picture because I know their mom appreciates the quirky shots too and maybe one or two of you reading this will be encouraged to see that most everyone with little ones has a teensy bit of drama during their session:)And let’s be honest, this little bowtie-wearing stud-muffin is super cute both with AND without his smile on!

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