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This morning I stumbled upon an article called “How to Miss a Childhood”. If you’re a smart-phone user, you might want to give it a read. It wasn’t exactly news to me, … putting my iphone down and spending time with my kiddos is something I have been conscious of lately. But this article reminded me of the nuiances of parenting that really make a difference from your child’s perspective: making eye-contact with them in your conversations, picking them up from school without distractions, having a good chat about their day while driving down the road…. generally interacting as if THEY are the most important person to you in that moment.

I think about the times that I’ve eclipsed my child with my smartphone in hand… the times I’ve raised a finger to say “one-sec” while checking a message…the times I’ve turned my back because I heard a text message or email notification ring through. I justify it as necessary for my work – as if my phone is the key to achieving the perfect balance of being able to spend time with my kids while staying on track with my job. But those messages can wait. I don’t need to be available 24 hours a day…. except to my children.

I am going to try harder…. to put the phone away… to define blocks of time when I’m working vs. playing… to live fully in the moment. So I can push the swing with both hands, look them straight in the eyes and convince them that they are TRULY my most important people. Wanna join me?

(Here’s a pic from a recent session… just thought it was fun!)



Amy Montgomery Thanks Julianne! You’re right… Maybe the computer can take over too! Though I suspect there’s a balance in all of this… my mom had things to do around the house and I’m sure she chatted on the phone while we played, and I never felt unimportant. So I bet a little computer time is probably healthy if it gives kids a chance to find a way to play creatively on their own. Just a thought for what it’s worth!

Amy Montgomery Looking forward to when we can hang out without iphones with kids soon! 😉

Lisa Made the same decisions as you! Nothing was “news”, like you said, but the reminder was appreciated. My iPhone/iPad will be out of commission unless absolutely necessary when the kiddies are present. :-)

Julianne Percy Loved that article. I don’t have a smartphone but computer can be the same. Beautiful photos as always :)

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